Nothing Forced is an effort by Share the Savior to promote healing where individual Christians and churches have caused pain, and increase the credibility of Christianity, through creating a safe place for people to listen and be heard as they explore the Christian faith.

Followers of Christ have alienated people they care about by statements and actions that are contrary to biblical principals.  I know this first hand through an experience with my son, which I told about in an article you might find interesting.  I think true faith in Christ is the best way to live or die and many Christians share my belief.  But, if the Bible is right in what it says about us sharing our faith, and I’ve understood it correctly, we’re never allowed to communicate our beliefs in a way that is void of love.  In fact, if it’s not done in love, the Bible calls it sin.

A Few Words about Love

Love doesn’t mean keeping people we care about from experiencing discomfort when we tell them something important for them to hear.  It might pain someone to hear they’ve been uncaring toward their children or that they need to stop drinking, but love may necessitate a friend being willing to tell them those things.  Here’s just a partial description of the love Nothing Forced will strive to demonstrate.

  • Love is Patient – If you write to us or comment on a post, we shouldn’t get irritated when you don’t embrace what we say the moment we respond.  And we definitely shouldn’t communicate any impatience in our reply.
  • Love is Kind – We’ve all experienced an unkind word during a sensitive discussion but we’re committed to keeping kindness in all our communication with you.
  • Love is Humble (not prideful) – We believe what we believe but we don’t ever want to come across as self-righteous Christians who are so convinced of their rightness that we look down on others.

Love is so much more than how we feel.  It’s about how we act and anyone communicating with you through these pages is supposed to know and follow that.  If you don’t think we’re demonstrating love, let us know.  And if you’d be interested in reading a more complete list of loving behavior, check out 1 Corinthians 13:4-7; perhaps the most famous section on love in the Bible.

Contact Information

Scott McIntyre – Share the Savior; PO Box 406; Creston WA 99117 / 510 734-6212 / LetsTalk@NothingForced.org

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